Tete-a-Tete With Vijay Tonk The Man Behind ‘Think Tonk Photography’

It takes more than a camera to be a photographer, and famous photographer Vijay Tonk, the heart and soul of ‘Think Tonk Photography’, proves that with his breathtaking captures and his witty one-liners and captions to them.

His voyage with his camera is quite an interesting one, so Food Fashion Life’s Team decided to get to know more about the Delhi based Wedding, Documentary and Travel photographer and take a leap into his photography journey so far.

FoodFashionLife: Please share how your Journey of becoming a photographer started! When did you realize that this what you want to do?

Vijay Tonk: I am a mass communications student and have done my masters in advertising and public relations. Photography has always been a hobby for me and it slowly became a passion. When I started my professional career, I was an art director with a leading advertising agency. While working with the ad firm, I used to take weekend getaways and travel to do photography. My travel and street photography was getting an amazing response from friends which encouraged me to do this more often. I was young and I took the risk, the feedback from my friends and family encouraged me to try my hands at professional photography and take it up full time. Gradually, my hobby became a passion and finally became a profession!

FoodFashionLife: What was the first big break or opportunity that changed everything?

Vijay Tonk: I was travelling and shooting and one of my friends was getting married in Rajasthan. While I was looking at Rajasthan as a great travel experience, little did I know that her wedding will change my life and I will find a way into wedding photography.

FFL: Who has been your inspiration or support system?

VT: People who used to appreciate my work have always been my source of inspiration. Anyone who has taken a minute to see my work, appreciate it, give me feedback has given me a reason to get better at my craft.

FFL: What is your usual day like? What do you like to do apart from photography?

VT: I cook. I travel. I watch movies. I am a collector of all things quirky.  I am a chai connoisseur so I try to meet my friends over chai.

FFL: The Last Word for budding photography enthusiasts…

VT: Learn every day as each day is a new story. 🙂

Here are a few of Vijay’s captures that are close to his heart:



To find more about ‘Think Tonk Photography’ and Vijay Tonk’s work, do connect or visit his Facebook page ‘Think Tonk’. Food Fashion Life Team wishes you good luck!

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