Sweet Talk With Chef Amit Pratap Singh, A Pastry Chef At Villa Rosa Kempinski

Becoming a Pastry Chef, for Chef Amit Pratap Singh was quite accidental and indeed an interesting story to tell, recently we got chatty with him for an interview for our digital lifestyle magazine ‘FoodFashionLife.Com’ and here is a gist of his journey so far.


Question: Please Share How It All Started! When Did You Realize That You Wanted To Be A Chef?

Chef Amit: Becoming a Chef was never in mind, in fact, I was not even aware of a profession like this and the kind work it involves. All I knew about was cooks, who cook for parties in a white uniform, with white apron and chef cap.

As I belonged to a Rajput Family and to a small town of Shahjahanpur District in Uttar Pradesh, a cooking job was not considered being a very prestigious job. And no one is to be blamed for it; as it is the scenario people hold as the exposure in small towns is not much.

Then while my growing up years, I used to visit one of my uncle’s my father’s friend local bakery, for some fun cooking and to eat freshly baked products. I really liked doing it and then I came to know that there is a course for a cooking industry that one can pursue.  Soon after, I decided to enroll for Hotel Management Graduation program and then during the training, I decided to become a chef.


Question: What was the first big break or opportunity that changed everything?

Chef Amit: I took every job, internship, as an opportunity to learn something new about Food, Food Art, and Profession. But my big break was when I got to work with Kempinski Ambience New Delhi. The supportive team and challenging opportunities helped me in a Big Way.


Question: What is your favourite creation so far?

Chef Amit: It is the 7 Tier Gold Cake that was prepared by the team of 8 Chefs for the Grand Opening of The  Kempinski Ambience Hotel, New Delhi.


Question: What is your favourite Dessert, that you like to prepare for your family?

Chef Amit: I like to prepare the Eggless Fruit Custard, it can be crowned as our family dessert, which is easy to churn out and is full of Fresh Fruits.


Question: A Chef who inspires you.

Chef Amit: Chef Saurabh Shahi, he is a very creative food artist and a good mentor. He has a vast knowledge of his work and I really admire his working style. I am very fortunate that I got an opportunity to learn from him. In my vie, he is ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ in his profession.


Question: If you were a dessert/sweet, what dessert or sweet would you be?

Chef Amit: Well, that is a tricky question, (laughs). I would say may be Strawberry Almond Cake which is my all-time favourite.


Question: What do you do when you are not cooking or creating a dessert?

Chef Amit: When I am not cooking, I like to lazy around at home whole day, sometimes I go for shopping or travelling.


Question: How would you sum up your journey as a chef so far?

Chef Amit: It has been more than a decade in the profession and I have had my share of good and bad days. But I really feel happy to see myself where I am today. And the best part is that the learning never ends in my profession and that is something that keeps me going and loving my profession.


Question: Few words to inspire other upcoming Pastry chefs.

Chef Amit: Be focused, enthusiastic and give hundred percent to your profession, learn from each and every source which can help you to succeed.


It was lovely talking and knowing Chef Amit Pratap Singh! FoodFashionLife.com wishes him all the best. People don’t forget to check his Facebook Page ‘Cake & Bake’ to get a sneak-peek into his world of cooking.

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