Short Film ‘Carbon’ Review : The Movie Is An Eye Opener

STARS: ☆☆☆☆

Set in 2067, the futuristic short film titled ‘Carbon’ has been a talk of the town since the release of its teaser posters. The movie portrays a futuristic scenario when there will be a dearth of oxygen on our planet and only carbon will prevail. The movie brilliantly gives us an insight into the war-like situation that can occur, and the movie surely shifts our attention to the problem that doesn’t appear so grave at present.

The actors in the movie are Jackky Bhagnani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Prachi Desai. The movie starts on a note where Jackky Bhagnani’s voiceover takes us through the various free gifts nature has to offer. Listening to the prelude, you are forced to think about how we humans are taking all these precious gifts of nature for granted and overlooking the circumstances our future beings might face.

The voiceover then takes us to the present in the movie, when Oxygen has become a scarce product and is supplied in buildings, homes like we get the electricity. It also shares about how the rich people from earth have already escaped to Mars, and the poor ones are left on earth to die. Jacky is seen with an artificial heart in the movie, who is getting involved in a big smuggling of oxygen to earn some money so that even he can relocate to Mars, where the people are trying to build a community.

Nawazzudin as a man from Mars, Prachi as a Robot, Jackky as a man with an artificial heart and the story pulls the entire concept impressively. The situation like water scarcity, oxygen scarcity have been depicted nicely in the movie and gives us a very realistic and futuristic picture that is otherwise hard to even imagine.

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