Rohit And Kapil From ‘Stop Block Frames’ Have An Interesting Story To Tell

All of us dream, dream to do something big, something different and make a mark !!

Rohit and Kapil’s dreams were no different, after completing their 3 years diploma program from a reputed Animation Institute the two decide to take that daring step of venturing into the world of capturing glitz and glamour with the lens of their camera. The world of Professional Photography, a field that was brimming with tough competition.

How It All Started?

Rohit Dhall and Kapil Verma were batch mates at the institute and became close friends while studying and learning together. Soon after completing the course successfully in 2012 both the friends decide to get into a venture, but things weren’t easy, and they never are for any newcomer. So they took a very wise decision which helped them a great deal. The two decided to take up jobs to help them refine their skills.

How ‘Stop Block Frames’ Happened

After working for few years they were now all refined in their skill sets, the dream of opening their own production house was still there deep in their hearts but the fear of starting everything for the scratch and other insecurities kept on pulling them back.

But as they say, destiny has its own plans, well, there can’t be a better example for it than this. Rohit who was working with an organisation, as the Head of Video Department and Documentary Making came across an opening for a Creative Designer within the organisation which suited Kapil’s work experience and profile. Rohit shared his friends profile with the recruitment department and Kapil was roped in for the position. Now the friends who lost a touch of sorts and were busy working separately for different companies were together again. And again getting into a venture together picked up the pace.

And that is when ‘STOP BLOCK FRAMES’ was born.

Kapil and Rohit StopBlockFrames


Success Strategy

The discussion was on, but without any concrete results, the plans were in place but without any solid base, but one fine day the two decide to just sit and discuss the things after their working hours and jot down the points and start with ‘Stop Block Frames’ parallel to their jobs.

Initially, their main focus was not Wedding Photography but to do something with Corporate and Fashion Industry. But they decided to keep all the avenues open and slowly and steadily they started earning name and popularity for their work as Wedding Photographers.


Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost!!

In just a span of one and a half year, Stop Block Frames now has a name for itself in the industry of wedding photography.  So far they have done more than 150 Wedding Projects and apart from that they are well recognized in the Fashion Industry too and have collaboration with fashion magazines and have also conducted corporate shoots for renowned companies.

The team that started with two people Rohit & Kapil now has 12 more members working with them full time and they are planning to get more people on board. Apart from it they also perform training workshops for people who wish to learn Photography, Videography, And Photo and Video Editing.

So now Kapil Heads the Candid Photography and Photo Retouching, Rohit Heads the Direction, Cinematography and Video Editing.

And this is definitely not the end of the rocking story of the two dreamers…

All the best from Team!!

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