Restaurant Review: ‘Crème Castle’ Ansal Plaza Greater Noida

How do you think a café interiors should be like? Colours, pops, chirpy,  peppy yet classy? Well, all this and more can be experienced at the ‘Crème Castle’ a cute café tucked in Ansal Plaza Mall at Greater Noida.

I am personally a regular visitor at the Restaurant and absolutely in love with the amazing food they serve, and the ambience of the place. The first time I visited this place, probably two years back, it was a tiny little bakery shop yet had some spark to it. The restaurant then was on the ground floor of the mall, had a very filmy menu, a cute sticky note wall, with words of praises, props to get yourself some cool selfie and yummy lip smacking food.

But now, the restaurant has gone quite big and spacious, the interiors are happening and classy, but the food quality and presentation are still the same and it is indeed good news!

INTERIORS: As you enter the café, small birdhouses welcome you at the entrance which is quite pleasing to eyes. The restaurant is divided into two floors, ground and mezzanine. The walls of the restaurant have been given a white brick texture which is enlivened with interesting hand-drawn paintings of a café theme. The place is illuminated with smart lamps dispensing from the ceiling. The look of the lamps and the lighting adds to the restaurant’s mood and ambience.

The furniture at the restaurant is a mix of wood and leatherite and it again blends really well with the overall setting and theme of the restaurant.

Behind the pastry display counter and serving desk, there is a false wooden wall created that bears the smart logo of the brand, some storage for the boxes and other important things and everything gels quite smartly with everything else around. Behind the false wooden wall is the main cooking area of the restaurant concealed.

FOOD: Coming onto the Food, the café is known for serving some lip-smacking and eye-pleasing food. From Lasagne, Burgers, Pasta, Shakes, and Pastries you have a diverse menu to make a choice, and the restaurant has it all to please you in one go. It is guaranteed that no one can leave crème castle without a full and satisfied tummy.

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