The Quick Interview – Meet The Real Krishna Bharadwaj: Adorable Rama From SAB TV’s Tenali Rama

We all know Krishna Bharadwaj as lovable Rama from his ongoing show, ‘Tenali Rama’ on Sab TV. His magical smile, innocent looks, and sharp mind steal our heart and almost all his fans will instantly agree to it. So, here is an account of ourĀ  Quick Interview with the actor, where we got to know his likings and preferences as an individual, in Terms Of FOOD FASHION AND LIFE


Favourite Dish: I love food, I am a Foodie at heart. I love any dish that has a lot of cheese in it!

Love To Cook Or Love To Eat: I love to eat, I hope to marry a chef one day.

Chai Or Coffee: Chai, woh bhi kadak wali.

Food Show That You Follow: I don’t really follow any but its fun to watch Master Chef at times.


Ghar Ka Khana Or Restaurant Food : Ghar ka khana.

Sweet Tooth?: Yeah!! I feel half of my teeth are sweet.

Favourite Dessert: Moong Dal ka halwa.



Comfort Dress Code: My pyjamas and a loose t-shirt.

Traditional Or Western: Traditional.

Designer or Desi: Desi.

Something that you will never wear: A bikini may be!

Fashion To You Is: It is a form of self-expression. I read somewhere that ‘YOUR CLOTHES DEFINE YOU’ and I strictly follow that.






Favourite Timepass: Watching interesting movies and TV shows (Netflixing) and also playing Ludo on my phone.

Hobbies: I love to write, so I write sometimes.

Rain Or Sunshine: Sunshine, I love the brightness.

Books You Read Or Have Read: I have read a lot of books, I love to read spiritual books and autobiographies of people that inspire you in your day to day life.

Travel or Home Comfort: Depends but as of now I look forward to being at Home.

Fav Bollywood Star: Ranbir Kapoor.

A Song That You Are Humming These Days: I love these songs from my own play ‘Ishq Aaha’. I keep humming those songs all the time.

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