The Quick Interview: Get To Know Chef Shipra Khanna And Her Choices In Food Fashion Life!

We all know Chef Shipra Khanna very well for her exceptionally well culinary skills and as the winner of Masterchef Season 2. The contestant who impressed everyone in the very first challenge by creating an interesting mousse with yam and then rest is history.  Shipra is now a celebrated name in the food industry and is considered to be the most glamorous chef. She has many TV shows,  to her credit, has her own digital channel Shipra’s Kitchen and has been awarded and honoured several times for her contribution to the Food Industry.

Food Fashion Life team got in touch with the chef to get an account of her choices in terms of ‘Food Fashion Life


Favourite Dish: Dal, Rice, Sabji

Love To Cook Or Love To Eat: Eat And Cook Both

Chai Or Coffee: Chai

Chef who inspires you: Heston Blumenthal

Food Show That You Follow: MasterChef

Ghar Ka Khana Or Restaurant Food: Anytime! Ghar ka khana.

Sweet Tooth?: Yes! Always…

Favourite Dessert: Home made Vanilla Cake






Comfort Dress Code: Jeans and T-shirt

Traditional Or Western: Traditional

Designer or Desi: Desi

Something that you will never wear: A Crop Top!






Favourite Timepass: Reading

Hobbies: Designing

Rain Or Sunshine: Rain

Books You Read Or Have Read: Shakespeare

Travel or Home Comfort: Travel

Fav Bollywood Star: Rajesh Khanna

A Song That You Are Humming These Days: Shape of you by Ed Shereen

How would you sum up your journey so far?: The journey has been very challenging but rewarding.Challenges are a part of life but taking them in a positive spirit and winning over is really important.

Few words to inspire other aspiring Chefs: Always keep your head high as time will come when you will be able to prove your worth!

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