Movie Review: ‘Mubarakan’ – A Complete Family Entertainer

STARS : ☆☆☆

Storyline: The movie ‘Mubarakan’ is a story of two twin brothers, separated at a young age as they loose their parents in fatal car accident. Single uncle Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) is unable to take care of two kids hence he sends one kid to London to be raised up by the Bua (Ratna Pathak Shah) of the kids, the other one is sent to Chandigarh to be raised by their Chacha (Pavan Malhotra). When both the kids grow up the family plans to marry them off and the story of the movie is all weaved around it. 

Review: Without doubt ‘Mubarakan’ is a good and happy family entertainer in a long long time. The movie has all the ingredients, it’s funny, it has a tadka of family jhagda, some family values preaching, dance, romance, and lot and lot of confusion which in turn gives you some good laughter moments.

There is not a single dull moment in the movie, the movie has a fast pace, and it would be incomplete if we don’t mention the heart and soul of the movie, actor Anil Kapoor as Kartar Singh.

Anil truly deserves the crown here and to some extent, it would be right to say that the plot of the movie would have fallen apart if a fine actor like Anil wouldn’t have been there. The movie truly belongs to him.

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