Movie Review: ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ – The Movie Fails To Impress!!


Storyline: In the Movie, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Harinder Singh Chadha aka Harry is a tour guide who is sort of lost and bored of his routine life, and is unable to understand the good reason of his existence. Basically, he is a lonely soul, disconnected from his family back in Punjab as he ran away from the house at a young age. He has this void in his life that he is unable to understand. And then comes in his life Sejal a Gujarati girl, daughter of a diamond merchant, who turns his world upside down, as she wants him to accompany her in finding her engagement ring that she has lost while travelling.

Review: A one-word review for the movie would be disappointing. It looks more like a travelogue of two people who in turn fall in love but not a romantic movie that will make you go Awww. You really find it hard to understand why Sejal, a girl who is engaged and is finding a ring just to mend things between her fiancé and her all of a sudden becomes so desperate to please and convince a tour guide that she is one hot girl. Confusing isn’t it? And Shahrukh’s emotions for his home back in Punjab and all also seem to be inserted unnecessary in the plot.  Unfortunately, there is not a single moment in the movie when you feel for the couple you see on the screen. They are shown falling for each other but you don’t feel it. You don’t feel happy for them and you don’t feel sad either. All you are left wondering all the time while watching the movie is, why the hell are you even watching it?

Apart from mesmerizing locations, good acting by Anushka as Sejal and Shahrukh as Harry and ‘Hawayein song’ there is literally nothing in the movie. The story of the movie appears scattered, not weaved properly and fails to impress.

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