Meet The Famous ‘Sheorans’ Vikas And Ritu – The Comedy King And Queen Of Social Media

We know them from their videos that mostly show sweet and funny husband-wife tiffs that are just so real and relatable!!
We know them for their amazing command over Haryanvi language that adds to the fun in their videos.
And we absolutely love them for their chemistry that can give a run for money to any Bollywood on-screen couple.

Presenting Foodfashionlife’s exclusive interview with our very own Vikas Sheoran and Ritu Sheoran of ‘Sheorans’ and let us get to know more about the wonderful couple and their real world.

FoodFashionLife: So the first thing that comes to our mind is, you look such a perfect couple how you guys met each other?

Sheorans: Ours is an arranged marriage, so our first meeting was arranged by our parents at Karna Lake in Karnal, Haryana and then the rest is history.

FoodFashionLife: Whose idea was to create such amazing gags in your mother tongue?

Sheorans (Vikas): We started with Dubsmash and after the huge response from friends then we both decided to make these videos.

FoodFashionLife: Your Acting Skills are just amazing in the gags, any acting background?

Sheorans(Vikas): I work with Real Estate and Ritu is into Finance we have no acting background as such but yah Ritu was quite fond of acting & dancing since her school days and I had an inclination and liking for photography and editing videos.

FoodFashionLife: The First Video that you had made or put up on the net and how was the response to it?

Sheorans (Ritu): Our very first video (Impact of Haryanvi) went viral and we were amazed by the response which motivated us to make more.

FFL: We know it will be difficult to choose but which gag is your favourite one?

Sheorans (Vikas): The kind of effort and energy we put in all our gags, it is really difficult to make a choice. Yet if we have to pick one each, for Ritu it would be  ‘Foreign Country Ke Swaad’   and for me, it will be  ‘Too much Love’


FFL: Most overwhelming fan mail, response or feedback you have received?

Sheorans (Ritu): Again it is hard to make a choice,  as all our fans and followers have been really kind and loving, still this one response holds a special place. 


FFL: Who is more creative between you two? And where do you get such interesting and funny story ideas from?

Sheorans(Ritu): We both write acts together, but Vikas is little more creative in terms of taking the act/gag to unique and crazy level. We try to make videos from real life experiences so that people can relate.

FFL: And who is more romantic?

Sheorans (Together): Hahaha 😉

We know that you would like to read more about them, so FoodFashionLife has another interesting Quick Interview with the dynamic couple, lined up to be published soon…

So Stay Tuned!

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