Learn Secrets On How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Just A few days back we told you how to make a small house appear big with some easy tips and tricks, and now we are all set to discuss with you on how to make a Small Bathroom look big. 

A bathroom is perhaps your home’s most important room. In today’s times, when not many of us have large homes, a spacious bathroom seems like a dream. After all, there is no better way to relax and unwind after a long and hectic day at work than indulging and unwinding with a long and luxurious shower?

Do you wish to remodel your bathroom so that it appears larger without having to tear out a wall or two? If you are one of the majorities of the people who need help making most of a small and congested bathroom, here are some tips:

Clear The Floor Space

More the floor space more the bathroom appears spacious. While remodelling your bathroom not only make sure to get the size of the sink, pot according to the space available, but also make sure that you get everything that can be wall mounted.  All these things occupy a lot of space and make the bathroom look more congested. So opt for a wall-mount sink and pots.

wall mounted wash basin


Mirror mirror on the wall

If the space in your bathroom allows it, install mirrors to your bathroom walls as Mirrors help reflect all the light in the room thus making it appear larger. Another idea is to artistically arrange a collection of mirrors instead of one large mirror.

Besides using mirrors, using light coloured tiles on the bathroom walls, will make a small bathroom look large.

Bathroom flooring

In case of a small bathroom, the correct flooring can make a huge difference. If you are revamping your entire bathroom flooring, ideally you should try using a light coloured marble or tile flooring to make your bathroom look larger and neat. Colors such as white, off-white, sand or beige are most suitable. If it isn’t possible to replace the flooring, try and select a light-coloured rug over your existing flooring.



Eliminate clutter

A cluttered bathroom appears smaller and more congested. Too many pictures, knickknacks and toiletry products give the bathroom a cluttered look. Similarly, even the smallest piece of accessory or fixture that sticks out into the room makes your room seem to look smaller. An easy way to make your bathroom appear more spacious is to eliminate clutter. Keep only the basic essentials and keep the remaining stuff in linen closets or vanity cupboards. Use over-the-door towel hangers to hang hand towels and bath towels.


Good lighting

Good lighting is a decisive factor which can make a room look larger or smaller. To make your bathroom look larger, use high wattage lights. Avoid lights that cast a shadow in the bathroom corners. A source of Natural Light in the bathroom is an added advantage.


Sliding doors

If possible, try installing sliding doors instead of doors that open into the bathroom. This will make your bathroom look more airy and spacious.


So if you are one of the majority people who isn’t blessed with a large bathroom, use these simple ideas to make your bathroom look more spacious.

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