Keep Your Homes Green With These Interesting Space-Saving Gardening Ideas

Space crunch is a major issue these days, and same stands for having easy to maintain and space-saving garden spaces in a balcony or terrace area. FoodFashionLife gets you 5 interesting space-saving gardening ideas to accommodate your Garden Dreams in less space.

Pots On The Grill

If you have only a grilled balcony to yourself, pot a few plants in these tin/bucket planters that come with a handle that makes it easy to hang them on a grill. These come in many colourful options and all you need to do is simply hang them.


Tiered Planters

It is a great and eye-pleasing idea to create your own mini garden in a space of one big Planter. The idea is to tier terra cotta planters one into another with sizes of the pot decreasing as you stack them.


Window Box

In case you want all the balcony space to yourself and still have some potted plants or herbs, then you can opt for a Window Box this can be done in Wood or Iron, just outside your window.


Shoe Racks

An old shoe rack that you are planning to throw away, can be turned into a pot holder where you can place a number of potted plants. Apart from it, the hanging shoe organiser can also be turned into a planter and here you can accommodate different herbs and flower or other plants all in one.


Artistic Planters

Adding a little art with the potted plants is a good idea. You can get a customised iron planter, as shown in the image and place the pots creatively. Here we see a tree formation where the potted plants form green laden branches.

So FoodFashionLife suggests, that don’t stop pursuing your gardening hobby due to space crunch and get some greenery in your home with these easy ideas.

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