Home Improvement – Ideas To Make Small Spaces Look Big

We all dream to have big and spacious room but sometimes space constraints or excessive furniture make a room look small and we keep that dream and desire curbed and adjust to the situation.

No more now  – making a small room big is not a big deal! With just simple modifications like re-arranging your furniture or by choosing the right colour for your walls, you can make your small room look bigger.

Read on and enlighten yourself…

The illusion of the eye:

We cannot change the overall room size but we can make it look bigger by making small changes in the room décor. You might have seen in hotels how they create an illusion of a big restaurant space by using glasses. The reflections in the glasses will delude your eye and make you think it is a huge restaurant when in reality it might hold only 10 – 20 customers. Likewise installing few decorative mirrors on the wall can lend your room instant big rooms feel. Also if you have a window in the room, giving it sheer drapes will again help you in creating an illusion of space.


Re-arrange the furniture:

First, make an assessment of all the furniture and other elements in the room, and decide what you definitely need and what can be skipped. If it is a bedroom most of our Indian homes will have a double bed with side tables, almirah a dresser and some seating arrangement. All these pieces of furniture fill up the room space, which makes it appear smaller than the original size. In such case, rearrange the furniture, like moving the dresser on to the wall, clearing the floor space, or making a window seat to fulfil the seating space in the room will do wonders to the setup. Another idea is to try and push the furniture against the walls so that there is enough visible floor, which is good for movement and also makes a room appear big.

Keep everything arranged and systematic

Cluttered rooms will look smaller. So make sure you remove clutter and keep the room clean and tidy. Arranging things in order and keeping them well arranged will increase the grandeur of the room. A side table or a corner stand can be avoided if space is small. Instead, you can have wall shelves if you really need some space for things.


Colour Play

The wall colour makes a very big impression on the room. If you have a dark colour donning the wall the room will look smaller and narrower. Colours which have pastel shades will give the room a wider appearance. Some people paint one side of the room in dark and other sides with white or lighter shades. This might look very colourful but then it will make the room look smaller. Try colouring your walls in light colours and decorating your space with colourful components instead.


All White Look

White is one shade which is hard on maintenance but when it comes to lending the depth and space to a decor, it works brilliantly. If you have a small space, you might choose to go all white with your decor. White not only looks classy but can give amazing results when it comes to making a small room look bigger.

White Home Decor

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