Home Baker Nitika Jain Is Our Budding Food Star Of The Month

Nitika’s journey with baking initially started as a hobby then turned into a passion and now it is her full-time profession. Isn’t that exciting?

This time we chose lovely home baker Nitika Jain, owner of Simply Cakes for our Budding Food Star feature and here we get you an account of our discussing cakes, bakes and life.


FFL: Why Baking?

Nitika: I loved to eat cakes and being a Jain getting a good eggless cake was a risk and a task so I learnt baking. It was fun as I could stir up a good eggless cake anytime I wanted without any hassle. And then slowly I started exploring more in the world of baking and that is how Simply Cakes came into existence – A place where you get beautiful, creative and yummy eggless cakes.


FFL: Your favourite creation so far?

Nitika: All my creations so far are close to my heart, be it the first cake that I baked as an amateur or the theme cakes or structure cakes that I do now. Simply Cakes has given me a bag full of memories to cherish.

FFL: What Types of Cakes You like Baking/Creating the most?

Nitika: I love working on innovative cakes, structural cakes and sometimes the most simple naked drip cakes.


FFL: Who inspires you?

Nitika: I think my family is my biggest support and inspiration. I am pampered and dearly loved by every member of my family be it my parents, brother, bhabhi or my nieces. My beautiful nieces are my lifeline; their birthdays are something that I look forward to every year as their birthday motivate me to create something challenging and creative.


FFL: What is your usual day like?

Nitika: I spend my day mostly baking or teaching baking. I totally love doing both the tasks as it gives me a sense of satisfaction. And if I am not baking for an order or teaching on a particular day, then also I do something related to baking. I Love to try out something new and innovative to level up my skills.


FFL: What you like to cook for your family?

Nitika: Everyone in my house is fond of tea time cakes and brownies, so mostly bake those.


FFL: If you were a dessert what would be that and why?

Nitika: Me as a dessert never thought of it. But I feel I would love to be a cupcake or a cookie, small and cute, loved by everyone.


FFL: What is an achievement for you? And share a moment when you felt you have arrived.

Nitika: My achievements – the one I desire the most… I am yet to reach to that… but still, the love that I receive for all my creations mark as the fondest achievements for me and is the motivating force that drives me to be innovative and better myself every single time.

Nitika has a lovely Facebook page by the name of ‘Simply Cakes By Nitika Jain’ and to book an order you can leave a message or visit her website www.simplycakes.in.

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