Get Home Some Bling With Envy Dezigns’ Crystal Curtains

From the time unknown, using crystals as a décor element is a way to add luxury and glamour to it. But when you think of getting the crystal bling home, one’s mind doesn’t go beyond a crystal chandelier, light fixtures or a crystal candelabra.

So here is at your rescue, as we introduce you to the pioneers in customized crystal curtain designers – Envy DezignsIndia, (Design with a Z – Zing) who bring to you a wide range of designer crystal curtains and visual separators.

Curtain with crystals! Yes, that was what cropped as an idea in Neha’s (Creative Head – Envy Designs) mind when she wanted a visual separator for her own rented space. “We wanted something that looked beautiful, appealing and at the same time low on maintenance. And that is when I thought of buying a beaded curtain, but all I was getting were the plastic beaded stuff with fixed designs, without any scope of customization”, shared Neha.

“I drove Neha to the ends of Delhi just to get that one perfect visual separator that could appeal her but probably all that exercise was for a reason, and that is when the idea of creating Envy Dezigns came to our mind,” shares Vikas, who calls himself Neha’s Partner in Crime – and otherwise takes care of the marketing and Business Development.

Neha shares that her own house was her first project and she was really happy with the outcome. Being an interior magazine journalist then, she got an opportunity to feature her own product in one of the theme based article and after that one article in the magazine, the Envy Dezigns came into existence.

“Actually, after that one feature in the magazine, we started getting calls from other interior magazines too, to do a special feature with them and we got coverage in almost all renowned interior magazines then and the customized curtains orders started rolling, ” recounts Neha.

Vikas adds, “The initial hiccup we had, was that we both were full time working professionals and with orders pouring in we were spending late nights and even our weekends working, and at sometimes it seemed just too much, but that was fun too, slowly we roped in some skilled labour and things started falling in place.”

Today, after 10years and several projects Envy Designs is still going strong. Neha shares that their current project is with a client who wanted the sacred Sikh Symbol “Ek Onkar” weaved in a crystal curtain.


Acrylic crystals, glass crystal, mother of pearl, crystal drops, you name it and they have it!  ENVY, where EN is for Neha and VY is for Vikas, this dynamic couple behind the creative brand is sure to dazzle you with their affable smiles and of course with their shimmering and flashing crystal curtains.


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