Fashion Terminologies Every Fashionista Girl Must Know

With Fashion changing and evolving like changing seasons, it is very important to keep yourself up abreast with the latest Fashion Terminologies. Here we get you some really interesting Top Fashion Trends and their names.

Bardot Neckline – Bardot Neckline is a fancy name for  Off shoulder tops. Bardot necklines look utterly flattering in Summer’s and the first Bollywood Star that wore it with elan in 90’s was Pooja Bhatt, then followed by Divya Bharti later.

Shoulder Dusters – Shoulder dusters is the term for super long earrings that reach till your shoulder hence are called shoulder duster.


Fanny Pack – A fanny pack is a bag that you wear not on your shoulders but around the waist. These were used in late 90’s to carry cash and cameras but now they make an interesting style statement.

 Ripped Denim –  It has been while since Ripped jeans have been in fashion, and it seems that the trend is here to stay. Ripped Jeans have three types. The one with Holes where you see the skin, Shreds, which are just places that the fabric has been torn, but threads remain, covering up the hole. And Scraps which are small scratches on the surface of the fabric.

Pussycat Bow – A Pussy bow or Pussycat bow is a form of a bow tied at the neck. It is called so as these are quite similar to those tied around the neck of kittens or Cats. 

Batwinged – The tops and dresses where the sleeves are shaped like the wings of a bat. These are usually loose long sleeves having a deep armhole.

Bustier – The bustier top is another name for strapless tops. These are usually body-hugging and look very trendy, feminine and perfect and can be paired with skirts, shorts or pants.

Poncho Tops – Ponchos or cape tops are the tops which are worn around the neck. Earlier the idea behind the ponchos was to keep you warm but now the cotton tops and ethnic wear tops and cholis are also styled as Ponchos.

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