Chit Chat With Mariangela Gagliardi – An Expert In Crafting Miniature Food And Doll House Setups

I really consider myself lucky to be in a profession (journalism) that gives me the opportunity to meet many creative and talented people.

And the story of one such creative lady that we are sharing with you today is sure to leave you spellbound, in awe, speechless, and many more adjectives that you can think of.

So here we present the sweet, cute and creative journey of Mariangela Gagliardi owner and founder of CosediunaltroMondo. We cherish to have come across her and her beautiful world over facebook and our chit chat began…


FoodFashionLife: I am totally in awe of your work Angela, it is just amazing! But before we start with an interview, are these food miniatures that you make are edible?
Mariangela Gagliardi: (Laughs), No, they are not edible, they are miniatures for collectors of doll houses, and are made in 1/12 scale in synthetic clay/polymer or pasta like fimo.



FFL: Ahh!! They look so real that I get hungry every time I look at them!!
Mariangela Gagliardi: Happens with me too sometimes (Giggles).


FFL: So how it all started, when did you discover this talent of yours and how the journey began?
Mariangela Gagliardi: I usually loved collecting small items, but I would say everything started when I discovered a small miniature slicer; I sort of instantly fell in love with it and the wonderful world of miniatures.


FFL: What was the very first thing that you made?
MG: The first thing I did was miniature furniture about 30 years ago, and followed a doll house. My family and friends were very surprised and amazed at my skill. After working many years in fashion, and tired of that very frenetic world, I wanted to create a small laboratory for me, where to express my fantasy and be able to share my creations with friends.


FFL: Your inspiration and support system?
MG: I would say, my family, I was fortunate to have a father in marble work, and a mother who cooked excellently and manually created things, was an expert in embroidery, and making blankets and much more.



FFL: Wow creativity runs in the family!! So what do you do when you are not at work, creating these mini marvels?

MG: My passion is the sea and the countryside. I am fortunate to have two homes in both places when I go to the sea I relax on the beach in solitude reading a good book (I adore) and when I go to the countryside I like to relax in nature by treating my flowers, my little vegetable garden, and cooking delicious dishes for friends. (Best Of Both Worlds)


FFL: How long does it take to make these cute little miniatures or an entire setup?
MG: The time it takes to make a miniature depends very much on details, some may be faster and others still very long, I have never controlled time, also because I work on multiple creations.


FFL: Few Words for the people from the field or willing to discover the field.
MG: I can say it is a pleasant adventure, which I hope will last for a long time. I would recommend them to visit me on my Facebook page; I think miniature lovers can get all the inspirations, from my sometimes very special creations.

Mariangela Gagliardi is based in Milan Italy and is the one behind the miniature brand of CosediunaltroMondo. You can see many more of her works on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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