Our Budding Food Star Of The Month – Mani Vinaik And Her Journey So Far

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh born Mani Vinaik, studied B.Ed. to be a teacher but Universe had some other plans for the lady with a vivacious smile.

A home baker from Thane, Maharashtra, owner of ‘Through The Food Door’, a food lover and a mother of two kids happened to become so famous for her brownies, that in 2017 the brownies made to be a part of ‘Koffee with Karan’ Season 5’s gift hamper.

Recently we got lucky to get talking with Mani, and here is an account of her journey so far…

FoodFashionLife – How you got into baking?

Mani – It has been 4 years now since I started baking. Baking happened to me when I was asked to give a trial to an oven by a friend. I warmed it up and it’s never gone cold since.

FoodFashionLife –  Your favourite creation.

Mani – I have no particular favourites but I am fond of incorporating fresh fruits and flowers in my baking, in decoration as well as taste.

FFL – Your inspiration. (Chef / Blogger / Family Member)

Mani – My mother is an amazing baker and as a child, I was particularly fond of the sweet treats my siblings and I used to get from her oven. I believe that played a significant role in my turning into a baker. It is like, that I had it in me, but took a little long for me to discover. ‘Der Aaye Durust Aaye’

FFL – Your Support System in the family/ who backed your passion.

Mani – My son Adidev, my ardent admirer and my most trusted critic, has been my go-to for the first bite of a new sample and has been my supporter from the very start.

FFL – What else do you do when you are not baking?

Mani – I often find myself immersed in a good book but I am also prone to use my free time it in cooking gourmet meals for the family.

FFL – What is your regular day like?

Mani – My day starts at 6 am, sending off my daughter and husband to their war rooms to take place in mine. The rest of the day, and sometimes the night, fly off in a series of bakes.

FFL – If you were a dessert what would be that and why?

Mani – I would be Bailey’s cake with fresh flowers because that’s me.

FFL – Best Compliment / Feedback.

Mani – When I have loyal clients who change even their day of celebration because they want a cake baked by me,  it is the best compliment a chef can receive.

FFL – Your favourite dessert that you often make for your family. And if you have a story around it.

Mani – Triple Chocolate Mocha Walnut Brownies are family favourite! They love it so much that it has become custom for no one to leave my house without a box of brownies.

FFL – What is an achievement for you? And share a moment when you felt I have arrived.

Mani – This year 2017, my brownies made it to the ‘Koffee with Karan Season 5’ gift hamper. At the grand finale Karan Johar said, and here I quote, “They are absolutely amazing, trust me, they’re my weakness and I steal them from the guest hampers many a time”. Coming from a great filmmaker and food connoisseur is a compliment that I will cherish always.

FFL – Future Plans with Baking?

Mani – I do not make plans, I do my work with a lot of love and passion and let it take me wherever!


To get to know more about her work you may visit her Facebook Page –   https://www.facebook.com/Throughthefooddoor/

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