Add A Dash Of Pink To Your Home Decor!!

Are you also in love with the colour pink like us and wonder how you can add it to your home décor, setting or office space. Here we tell you how to introduce the colour to your personal spaces in the most subtle and unique ways.

Splash It On The Door

How about a Pink entrance door? Well, if you are a pink colour lover at heart and have white exterior walls, trust us a baby pink coloured door is the best choice for you.

In case some of you are not so impressed with this idea, you can opt for a pink door that opens up into a patio, or a garden. You can even opt for pink seating in around that place.

Image Courtesy Pinterest
Image Courtesy Pinterest


Pink Decals

Having a pink wall in a room can be risky and boring in a long run, but we have a solution, instead go for a pink coloured decal on the wall. It is sure to pep up the décor and our personal space.

The Runner, The Cushions, The Curtains

No Matter what colour room setup you have, a pink rug, mat, runner or cushions are the simplest ways to add your favourite colour to your personal space.


At Work!

At work setting up a pink workstation can appear quite overboard so try this lovely idea of adding the pink colour post it slips on the wall above you workstation, or by having a pink coloured theme over the workstation, like, pink pen stand, pink pens, a pink mug and a pink writing pad.

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